Thursday, June 07, 2007

Holy Crap!!

It hit me as I drove home from running errands this morning...the movers are coming on Monday. All along I've bee saying "yeah, yeah, they'll pack it all up and move it all out, no biggie."

But that's not quite the whole story, is it?

Of course not. That doesn't include this afternoon's foray into party stuff for B's birthday party. Or tomorrow's activities that appear to be running on late into the night. Or the birthday party on Saturday. Or that both my mom and sister will be here for part of it and most likely stay a while. Or church on Sunday, when the kids are singing, B is reading and W is receiving his cotta...

Moves aren't really that big a deal. And moving to Sicily isn't really any different than moving to California.

Except that we have fully 2/3rds of our household goods going into long-term storage, and that means dancing with furniture and watching the movers so that they don't pack up something we really don't want.

I'd like to sigh, but my chest is too tight.

Guess I just need to power on through!

And pray!