Thursday, August 03, 2006

too hot for pie?


I'll admit it's been hot. Stick-to-your-seat hot. But if your skin already has a sheen to it, why not really get busy?

So I've been in the kitchen with pastry.

The first pie was for dinner on Tuesday night. It was "whatever pie." Perhaps not what to have when you've got first-time guests? It should have been delicious: peaches, rhubarb, and brown sugar in a double-crust glazed with milk and sprinkled with sparkly sugar. But it wasn't. Well, not for dinner. It makes fabulous breakfast pie.

The second pie was blueberry. The blues were bland, but they held their shape remarkably well. Far better, in fact, than the crust. It's not the heat, it's the melting point of butter. My lattice kept slipping. So I kept sticking it back in the freezer. And then it would crack. And then it would get the idea. I tried not to work it too much, so it looked fairly ridiculous. A giant blob of dough melted before it got blasted in the oven, so the pie looked as though it had a goiter. I can say it was a good-tasting goiter :)

The raspberries are looking good...but biscuits are sounding good, too. Is it too hot to fry up some bacon?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Exactly how hot is it?

Apparently, hot enough to stick your head in the sink.